18 - GravityRemote

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game NewtonWars Fernbedienung

The now improved GravityRemote 3000 gives an entirely new experience.
The configurability exceeds anything on the market.
The entirely new file /gravityR.conf contains everything to make this remote your own.

Use it with your own NewtonWars server,
Change your Nickname to really make the game yours.
You can even change the port to adjust to your server.


When started GravityRemote features an intuitive joystick as input.
With it you can change every single digit of the angle and velocity you want to shoot in. INCREDIBLE.

Get to know the game over here: https://github.com/Draradech/NewtonWars

All that is part of the mind changing experience of GravityRemote 3000.
Buy it now from the local badge romstore for just 20 Bitcoins.
Or on github fur just 19.99 Bitcoins: https://github.com/uzdry/GravityRemote

( Terms and Conditions may apply, Still in a beta condition, Bugs may appear when playing, Fight bugs with bugspray)
(Bugspray not included)

  1. Versetze das Badge in Bootloadermodus
  2. Wähle die Rom-ID:


  3. Wähle den Ziel-Slot
  4. Warte auf den Neustart
  1. Zielslot auswählen:

    Warnung: In diesem Slot liegt der Boot-Selektor.
    Wird der überschrieben wird kann man nicht mehr einfach zwischen den ROMs wechseln. Wenn du den Boot-Selektor behalten willst, wähle einen anderen Slot.

  2. Rom herunterladen kein Slot gewählt
  3. Flash:
  4. Badge in den neuen Rom booten